What is EMPOWER FITNESS all about?

At EMPOWER FITNESS we empower and encourage our clients to empower others through different means.

EMPOWER FITNESS believes that movement and exercise are not only good for physical health but also provide great mental and emotional sustenance for holistic well-being.

We are passionate about your results, your performance and your overall well-being.

We provide all-round training programs for cardio strength, muscle strength and endurance through functional training, core stability and joint mobility.

The following services are offered at EMPOWER FITNESS:

cycling classes

circuit training classes

pilates classes

barre class

and more.

Join us and come on the fitness journey with EMPOWER FITNESS.




Alexa Bui

Alexa is a certified Barre instructor and a Polestar trained mat Pilates instructor. She has two children and is passionate about helping women understand and reclaim their bodies through movement and fitness. Alexa enjoys teaching movements that promote a healthy spine and strong inner core. Most of her classes involved Pilates-based movements as she believes the through good coaching, anyone can improve on their mobility and overall health. As a make up artist with over 14 years of experience in the industry, Alexa believes in “LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD” mentality and that there is no better way to do that than to move.

Alexa teaches barre and hit/circuit classes.

Anne Tang
Anne discovered Pilates in 2006 when she suffered from severe lower back and leg pain due to injuries from wakeboarding. Despite regular treatments by chiropractors/physiotherapists, the pain was recurrent and began to affect her daily life. Soon after she started practicing Pilates, the pain had relieved tremendously and she realized how her body changed and adjusted through movement. She also enjoyed many other benefits such as stronger core, leaner muscles, improved flexibility and overall well-being. Ever since, she becomes a body movement enthusiast and devotee.

Having completed a successful career in banking, Anne decided to become a full-time Pilates instructor. Since 2012, she has taken the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Education programme and the Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis Certification. She is now a certified Instructor in Pilates Mat, Reformer, Studio Equipment as well as Gyrokinesis ans Gyrotonic Expansion System. She is always keen on deepening her knowledge in Pilates and Gyrotonic method through continued education and training courses.

Anne loves to share her passion and experience with her clients and enable them to achieve their fitness goals as well as to improve their health and happiness.

Andrea Ramirez
Andrea’s grace and power comes from her background as an Elite Gymnast and ballet dancer. From a fitness TV star in her home country of Costa Rica she comes to Hong Kong with lots of guts and power and this Latin fitness queen will whip you into shape in no time.

As a past studio owner herself, Andrea understands all facets of fitness. Her bubbly personality and love of happy party music will draw you to her workouts and make you feel the PURA VIDA every time!

Becky Dance
Born on the dance floor, Becky’s heart and soul is devoted to moving to music. Before a career in Sports Management, she was dancing ballet and contemporary from the age of 4 and then went professional for many dance companies in the UK. Her talent for choreography led her into the fitness industry where she has spent many years perfecting her art and teaching a great range of group fitness classes. The only thing missing in Becky’s class is a mirror ball! She ditched the leg warmers long ago for hardcore training, and now her passion is to create innovative athletic workouts for her clients and classes.

Sweat. Smile. Repeat. is her mantra, and with her ‘get on with it’ attitude, you will be there with her and her eclectic mix of music.

Dominic Fan

This Nike sponsored instructor aims to keep you entertained, be it on the bike or in one of his grueling floor classes. His passion for fitness and getting lazy people off their backsides, shines through in his classes as he lives and breaths movement. He can dance, he can cycle, he can yoga, he can lift weights and pump your heart rate up but most importantly he can inspire you to challenge your body in different ways you never thought possible. As a graduate of Hong Kong’s Baptist University in Journalism, Physical Ed and recreational management, he is super qualified to get you into shape in no time and feeling like a true champion.

Diana Yam
Diana is a certified Pilates Mat and Reformer instructor and is currently obtaining Studio Comprehensive certification with Polestar Pilates.

Diana was first introduced to Pilates while taking Pilates Barre class one summer and has immediately developed a strong interest with the movement. While practicing, she observed how her body is rapidly changing from posture to muscle tone. This led her to complete Polestar Pilates Teacher Training Program in 2019. Aside from Pilates, Diana also enjoys taking long runs in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

Esther Ng
Enthusiastic about all types of training, Esther eventually dove deep into pilates when it answered her injured lower back problem back in 2017. With consistent practice she realises that anatomy-emphasis in pilates is widely applicable and helps her improve in her running and weight training.

Esther looks forward to serving athletes of all types, so they can benefit in moving their body effectively and safely, and overall perform better in whatever sport they do.
“intensity makes a good story, while consistency makes good progress”

Jason Sinarwi
He’s an instructor by day, rapper by night. Jason has been in the fitness industry for 10 years with experience in personal training and explosive group fitness classes. You may have seen him around HK, at Pure Fitness, OPS and TopFit. Jason believes that the most rewarding things about fitness isn’t just the six pack abs; rather the confidence, lifestyle awareness and the friendship you build along the way.
Not to mention he keeps it GANGSTER!

Paul Redmayne-Mourad
Paul is an early bird who loves the hills. As long as he’s in the Pain Cave and the legs and lungs are burning simultaneously then he’s happy. He’s notched up 3 “Everestings” (hill repeats of the same hill without sleep until you’ve climbed the height of Everest: 8,848m) in Hong Kong in 15 – 21 hours each, as well as completing the fabled Taiwan KOM (King Of the Mountains) race: sea-level to 3,275m in one 100km ride against the clock.

With a busy job as an international jewellery auctioneer for Bonhams and a wife and two daughters aged 7 and 3, he knows the realities of juggling busy schedules and external commitments with a passion for riding and has mastered the art of less is more when it comes to efficient training and feigning freshness in front of his wife at 4pm after a pre-dawn smash up Tai Mo Shan.

Punchy intervals have enabled him to take his fitness, strength and endurance to the next level and he’ll share all of this with you over 50 mins while he pushes you hard and sweats alongside you, taking you into the Pain Cave and back out before you’ve even realised it.

Lisa Pang
Lisa’s love for indoor cycling started in 2013. As a busy school teacher she found this the most efficient way to work out and have fun. She is now a trained Schwinn instructor and loves to rock out to a range of tunes and inspire others to set aspirational goals, train hard and reach for them. How’s that?

Sylvie Cox
Sylvie is a professional contemporary dancer and performing artist.

When she is not performing. You will find her doing pilates! Having sustained multiple injuries over the years rough dancing, she discovered that pilates has helped condition, realigned, strengthen and maintained her body for the physical demands of dancing which as been exceptionally beneficial for her.

Sylvie is certified Polestar Pilates mat instructor, and is excited to continue to grow and share her pilates journey. She truly believes that mindful movement practices will enhance body awareness, cultivate a great understanding of our physical body and find joy through movement. Come along and move with her.

June Kwok
Training with June means business! She works hard to keep her body at peak performance and is passionate about coaching you to your physical and mental best. She has been dedicated to fitness since a teenager and has trained to master trainer level in indoor cycling, TRX, Pilates and other forms of group fitness exercises.

June is hands on with development of our programs and has lots of training tools to get you to the top of your game. There is nothing this lady won’t get her teeth into. You will probably drive past her cycling to the peak in between making you sweat.


Barre sculpt is a 60 minute full-body fitness class with moves inspired by pilates, ballet and a dash of yoga. Using small weights, resistant bands, pilates magic ring and more to tone and sculpt the body, with goals to build long, lean muscles. The class is designed to get your heart rate as well as spirits up as you move to the beat of dance tunes, ending with a relaxing stretch.

Core class designed to tone your abdominals, strengthening your upper body, improve your dynamic stability as well as improve your posture. Classes will be conducted in circuit training style to keep you moving and keep it fun!

The Gyrokinese Method is a movement method that addresses the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences.

Move classes are cardio base workouts using light equipment like skipping ropes, hurdles, cones, TRX suspension trainers, Vipr, elastic bands and more. This class aims to make you sweat and burn a lot of calories. The adrenaline will keep you high and feeling satisfied.

Train classes focus on getting stronger and building lean muscle mass with functional movements. The class is integrated with different modalities like TRX suspension trainer, kettle bells, dumb bells, bar bells, sand bags, medicine balls and more.

Ride is a 50 minute cycling class that aims to burn calories, strengthening your cardiovascular capacity and challenge you physically and mentally. Instructors constantly vary the class expectations and goals so you will benefit from all the levels of cardio intensity.

Ride Mix class is the perfect class to max out on what our studio has to offer. A 25 minute high intensity cycle training with 20 minutes high intensity circuit training class. The most effective class to get both your cardio and muscle toning workouts in one session.

Pilates mat classes focus on improving your breathing, core stability, joint mobility, overall flexibility and body awareness. The mat class may also be combined with small props like soft balls, rings, foam roller and therabands to keep the class flowing and interesting.

Reformer classes are 55 minutes and a fantastic way to improve overall strength and flexibility whilst having fun. Using the Pilates Reformer machine you will work on balance, alignment, core strength, and muscle tone. The Reformer machine adjusts to suit your individual strength and flexibility through different loads of springs. Within a supervised group class of only 4 people, you’ll be guided through a varied routine every session.


$425 Trial class (buy one get one FREE)


$360 Single class


$1,940 5 classes + 1 FREE


$3,688 10 classes + 2 FREE


$6,100 20 classes + 3 FREE


$10,600 50 classes


$500 Reformer trial class (buy one get one FREE)


$400 Reformer single class


$1,910 Reformer 5 classes + 1 FREE


$3,560 Reformer 10 classes + 2 FREE



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